• Unique technology for plastic recyling

    Our cities are responsible for the vast majority of the worldwide consumption of materials. Most of the materials that we use on a daily basis can also be mined on a daily basis from the materials that we dispose. In today’s world, only 10% of the plastic waste is recycled, which is not enough to reduce our ecological footprint. Umincorp is challenging this with its unique Magnetic Density Separation technology.

  • We do it already 

    Our technologies create value by separating mixed plastic streams into mono-material polymer streams with a purity of 99% in a single process step. The Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic output of our process can be directly used in end products. more info

  • Innovation is the heart of technology

    Umincorp offers innovative technologies to enable accurate flake sorting at high capacities and offers the integrated Umincorp plant concept to process post-consumer mixed plastic objects into highly pure streams of polymer flakes. more info

   99% product purity                             90% Plastic recovery                                75% cost reduction                  90% Reduction of CO2