• Creating circular plastics

    Plastic is everywhere, fulfilling an important task in our daily lifes. It’s a product with outstanding opportunities: Insulating our homes, enabling our phone calls, protecting our food; it’s made to last. But that’s also its weakness. Commonly used recycling techniques (based on object sorting) fail to have an adequate answer to this fast-growing materials flow. Umincorp has developed a recycling process that has a 40% higher recovery of plastics and a 10% higher output quality than current used processes.

  • There is no plan(et) B

    Yearly around 300 M tons of plastics are produced on earth, representing a raw material value of more than 100 B $. Most of it is used for less than 15 minutes. After usage, around 30% of the plastic flow ends up in rivers and oceans (this means one garbage truck each minute). Around 10% is being incinerated and 40% is being landfilled. 20% is collected for recycling, but this is more downcycling, as only 5% really flows back into the economy as new raw material. This can not go on! We are suffocating our mother earth. Our Umincorp process recovers 90% of all input plastics and in such a way that a CIF bottle can become a CIF bottle again.

  • Sort flakes very accurately

    Umincorp offers innovative technologies to enable accurate flake sorting at high capacities and offers the integrated Umincorp plant concept to process post-consumer mixed plastic objects into highly pure streams of polymer flakes. more info

Animation how we create circular plastics