• Unique plastic recyling technology

    Our cities are responsible for the vast majority of the worldwide consumption of materials. Most of the materials that we use on a daily basis can also be mined on a daily basis from the materials that we dispose. In today’s world, only 10% of the plastic waste is recycled, which is not enough to reduce our ecological footprint. Urban Mining Corp is able to tackle this challenge with its unique Magnetic Density Separation technology.

  • Innovation is the heart of technology

    Urban Mining Corp offers innovative technologies to enable accurate particle sorting at high capacities. In addition to our highly innovative magnetic density sorting technology, new pre and post treatment technologies are being realized for a total A to Z solution, which lowers the costs of the total plastic chain. more info

  • We do it already

    Our technologies create value by separating mixed plastic streams into mono-material polymer streams with a purity of 99% in a single process step. The Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic output of our process can be directly used in end products.  more info


    Product purity of 99%                 Up to 75% cost reduction for plastic chain        90% Reduction of CO2                     Plastic recovery of 90%