• The modern city as an urban mine

    Our cities are responsible for the vast majority of the world wide consumption of materials. Most of the materials we use on a daily basis can also be mined on a daily basis from the materials that we dispose of. Compared to conventional mining, this urban mine often has higher “ore” grades, is located close by and above ground. Its many benefits make it a mine worth mining! news

  • Innovation is the heart of technology

    Urban Mining Corp offers innovative technologies to enable accurate particle sorting at high capacity. In addition to our highly innovative magnetic density sorting technologies, new pre and post treatment technologies and processes are under development. We aim to deliver total processing solutions with high flexibility and unprecedented product quality.
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  • Applications in five distinctive fields

    Our MDS technology is widely applicable in recycling, mineral processing and seed upgrading. Wherever sorting particles on tiny differences in density is beneficial, the MDS could be the enabler; regardless if the subject is the upgrading of tomato seeds, the separation of polypropylene from polyethylene or differentiating between different zinc alloys. more info